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Frequently Asked Questions

WHY SHOULD I USE TITANIUM WEDDING RING? Why? Because we believe that we offer the best quality quality for the best prices. We ship securely and quickly from our office in Los Angeles.

HOW LONG HAS TITANIUM BEEN USED FOR WEDDING RINGS? We don't know the exact date, although we'd celebrate it if we did. That said, titanium itself was discovered in the late 18th Century. Starting in the late 1980s, titanium wedding bands began popping up on people's fingers as stylish, inexpensive and lightweight wedding rings.

WHAT IS YOUR RETURN POLICY We're so confident that you'll like our quality, that you have 30 days from the receipt of your purchase to return the ring. Of course, we don't expect you to wear it if you're going to return it, so the return policy only includes items returned in the same condition that they were received in.

I TOOK A CERAMICS CLASS IN HIGH SCHOOL, CAN I MAKE A CERAMIC RING? The ceramic used in ceramic wedding rings is a lot different than the ceramic you made a mug out of in high school. First and foremost, they are far more durable, so don't expect them to break do to regular wear and tear - whether you're an accountant or working on an oil rig. Ceramic rings are also great because they are hypoallergenic and they fit really comfortably on your finger.

I RECEIVED MY RING TODAY, HOW DO I CARE FOR IT? For the most part, your ring needs very little maintanence at all. No moving parts, no oil changes, no air pressure...just a cool ring. That said, keeping your ring clean will help prolong the look of the ring and avoid any irritants that may find themselves in between your ring and your finger.

WHAT DOES "COMFORT FIT" MEAN? "Comfort Fit" means what it implies...the way the ring is crafted creates a more comfortable ring. Typically involving more rounded, domed edges and interiors, it avoids the sharper edges that can pinch on a straight pipe cut ring.

ARE COBALT RINGS DURABLE? Cobalt wedding rings are known for their durability, and they are actually harder and more durable than their precious metal counterparts like gold and platinum.

DOES MY COBALT RING NEED TO BE RHODIUM PLATED? Unlike gold, which is naturally yellow and needs rhodium plating for it to appear as "white gold," the cobalt used in our rings has a naturally white color that will not wear off over time. It will also resist scratches.

IS IT TRUE THAT THE RING CANNOT BE CUT OFF? Not true. Obviously, we don't wish for a scenario where you need to get your ring off immediately, however these rings can be cut off if needed.